Artblog 6: A Game is only as good as it’s title art, baby.

A sweet game usually has some sweet title art! Rayman Origins, Halo, Gears of War, they all have iconic titles. Well now Echoes joins the party!

Full Banner

How’d I do it? I cheated. (Well, sort of.) Let’s have a look.

I began with a free type face I found online.


Then, I selected all of it, and contracted my selection. Then I made that contracted selection it’s own layer. Check lock opacity and BAM! you can start shading the beveled edges.



After that we apply outlines and cracks. Keep the layers separated, you’ll be thankful you did later on.


After that’s done, it’s time to add the highlights. These will make the image pop, but add too much, and it will lose focus and believability.


After that, I added scored scuff-marks to add to the “Worn” look.


After that, there are some layer effects applied, and a couple of textures painted on, and BLAM!


We have our final lettering look. Now with the painted buster shot in the back, we have a snazzy title banner to wow the folks at PAX East. Hope to see you there!