20XX: co-op roguelike jump 'n shoot

Meet 20XX, the action platformer that feels like home and changes every time you play it, either alone or with a friend.

Now on Steam!

20XX is a game built to feel like Mega Man X, but with random levels, random powerups, permanent death, and multiplayer. The game uses a procedural level generation algorithm that pieces together levels from a certain number of mechanics at a time; it switches rapidly between playing like an action game and playing like a platformer, mixing precision jumping with fevered combat.

Add in permadeath and over 100 powerups to find in between agonizing deaths and you've got hours of nail-biting jumping-and-shooting goodness on your hands.

Also, 20XX features full co-op. Play with your buddy on the couch or over the interwebs.

We're on Steam now! Check us out!

[20XX] is a fantastic addition to the action platforming genre.

Vinny Parisi, Indie Gaming Magazine